07 March 2012

Bonjour Marche...

I didn't lie! I really am doing something different every day for all of March! I just haven't had time to post due to all my different things! Here goes nothin'...

1 March 2012

What a splendid day. There is something refreshing about the first day of a new month. Sometimes it makes me feel a little nervous that time is slipping away so quickly, but at the same time it gives me a feeling that anything is possible. I know, that seems a bit extreme for something that happens about every 30 days... but hey why not "Celebrate Every Day!"

March first was a longggggggggggggggggg day. But in this long day I got a chance to do some different things.
  • Toffee Nut Latte- I was CRAZY and got a toffee nut latte instead of a regular coffee or tea. I know, I know...try to hold in your excitement.
  • Decorating!- After my last class of my quad course I went home and waited until my mom went to sleep. Then I sprung into action and decorated the kitchen/house to surprise her for her birthday. I made some large flower pom poms, little signs, balloons, and some other random surprises.

Silly Signs

Balloons in the Kitchen
2 March 2012


Sadly, I didn't even see the lovely lady until right before dinner. But it was another day of different.
  • I got a chance to use my privileges as a museum employee for the first time (I can't believe it took me so long!) and get into the Birch Aquarium for free. It was lovely. You get to touch all the creatures in the outdoor tide pool area, see all kinds of different tanks inside, and play with water in the kid area. I think my favorites are the crab, the octopus, and the sarcastic fringehead. :D
  • For dinner we tried a new place. My godparents picked me, Natalie, and my mother up and a bunch of her friends were waiting at the Himalayan to surprise her. It was a really good Indian restaurant (especially for East County) full of chandeliers and other interesting decor. We had a great time.

Crappy phone photo from the Birch Aquarium

The Fab 5
3 March 2012
  • Remember the toffee nut latte? Well, today I went nuts again and had a breakfast burrito for lunch instead of a bagel. I KNOW! It is just insanity. But really, I have gotten into the habit of lazily strolling to the bagel place right across the street on my lunch break so going a couple blocks down for a burrito was quite different then my recent norm.
  • When I got home from work I had a bit of a relapse into lazy couch time. But, I managed to pull myself out of it to head to a friends house for a little celebration.
4 March 2012
Best day in a long time! It was summer on this beautiful Sunday. And literally a SUN day.
  • I woke up early but was still tired so I slept in on the couch with the birds chirping right outside the door.
  • For lunch I tried a different Mexican place called Ranas. I had the carne asada burrito with cactus...quite delicious.
  • Next, I headed to downtown La Mesa to my favorite used bookstore Maxwell's House of Books and got a couple new books.
  • Then I popped in a summertime CD that Lady Francis James Turtleblossom made me last year and drove down to Coronado Beach for some alone time with my lover...the sun (well and a book).
  • At night I went to the Car Plays at the La Jolla Playhouse. It was a series of five ten-minute plays that took place inside different cars. It was a very different way to experience a play and it really draws you into the plot and sometimes makes you part of the play.
New philosophy- Don't ask what the experience is or is about, just say yes to going. The surprise is so much more fun than trying to match the experience with your expectations.
Instax of the Hotel Del in Coronado
5 March 2o12
  • I was adventurous on my lunch break again and got sushi and oreos. I put the oreos in our "locker room" with a sign saying "Happy Cuatro de Marcho" only to realize it actually was the fifth. Oops!
  • At night I was lazy lazy lazy. But I accepted it since a) I wasn't feeling well and b) what is a Spring Break without a little laziness?
6 March 2012
  • In the morning I attempted to lighten my hair color by using a clarifying shampoo but it didn't do anything but make my hair really soft and shiny. Maybe after more washes?
  • After picking my mom up from the airport and having lunch, I went to the La Mesa Antique Mall. This definitely isn't new for me, but I haven't been in a while so I'm counting it as different! I got a really cute green clutch.
  • I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing a book for class.

My Darling Emerald Clutch

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