04 September 2014

Summer Solstice...

What a beautiful day this was. From a sunrise walk up Mount Helix to a California burrito for breakfast to napping on the couch to a trip to the farmer's market to a sunset dinner with friends. Perfection. We decided to make floral crowns to celebrate the longest day of the year in style.

I have the best friends & adventures! (Ahem...not to brag or anything...)

 I hope your summer was as lovely as mine! Hello September, see you soon Autumn.

14 June 2014

Build a Fort...

A trip to Big Bear.
Hiking, fort building, laying by the lake.
Cooking, photographing, and playing games.

xoxo Jessie

02 May 2014

Photoshoot...Wes Anderson Inspired

This week I was encouraged by Suzanne at my internship with SheWanders Photography to get out and do my own photoshoot! I recently watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and was incredibly inspired by Wes Anderson's use of colors, vintage props, serious facial expressions, and straight-on shots.

So I borrowed Charles & Caitlin to do a Wes Anderson inspired shoot at the Horton Grand Hotel in Downtown San Diego. I incorporated some of my favorite elements from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, and the Royal Tenenbaums.


P.S. We had delicious drinks afterwards in the Palace Bar and Jamie the bartender was awesome.

P.P.S. Check out more of my work and information on my website: http://jmcintyre07.wix.com/photography