About Me

Welcome to Schnickelfritzz! I am so pleased that you are joining me here.
Schnickelfritzz is my just-for-fun blog where I enjoy posting about literature, photography, fashion, San Diego, travel, and wherever else my whim takes me.
A little about yours truly... I am a twenty-four year old living in the lovely city of San Diego. I recently finished my teaching credential program and hold both a Multiple and Single Subject Credential, but I have yet to decide where I want to go next in life! I find the openness and opportunities simultaneously terrifying and thrilling.

I love photography, especially film, and you will more often find me behind the camera than in front of it. I love experimenting with food- both eating and creating new things. I love tea parties. I love reading, particularly the classics. I'm a Hemingway, Wilde, Fitzgerald girl all the way. I love the Victorian era and the 1920's. I love fashion, the arts, travel, and oh so much more!

Thanks for stopping by!

This is me in front of the camera...

P.S. All photos on my blog without a link or citation are my own...feel free to use them but please link back here!