22 March 2012

Flighty Temptress...

I am back!
I was out of life all last week due to a miserable case of strep throat and I am finally better!

I have continued with my March Challenge although some of my different/new things were not so much fun (getting strep, getting a penicillin shot, having an IV...), but I have been feeling very inspired lately by adventure and fantasy. Maybe it is due to the droning boredom of being sick or maybe it's the fantasy novels I have been reading for my children's literature class.
Whatever the case, I would like to now share some of my current sources of inspiration. Here goes nothing...

1. Lovely Quotation Bookmarks (& other things) from SparrowNestScript

2. "Poseidon's Proxy" by Lissy Elle
Poseidon’s Proxy

3. Teepees and Forts...

4. Free People's Spring Clothing

5. Bunnies! (photos from Rosuuuu)

6. Kara Haupt's insights for 2012
Especially #4...
"4. “And why don’t you write? Write! Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it.” That this quote by Helene Cixious is important. And why don’t I create?"
7. Breakfast at the Beach
A lovely idea I might just have to steal...

8. Alexandra Valenti's Photography...very gyspy inspired


  1. cool blog! love these gypsy inspired photos.

    Stop by my blog sometime.


    xxx- Paris
    Instagram: @CharcoalAlley

    1. Thanks!
      And I did...your photos are lovely.