01 December 2011

Library Phantom...

I just love this. An anonymous person has been creating gorgeous little sculptures out of book pages and leaving them in libraries and museums around Scotland. A note was left with the last set of gifts that explained a little bit about the artist and her mission. She revealed that she is not a professional book artist and this was actually the first time she had ever made them. She left the sculptures as "a tiny gesture in support of special places."

This is such a perfect act of guerilla art. I am very impressed that she chose to remain anonymous despite notice that was given to her on twitter and various news sources. It really shows a commitment to the true purpose of the art: honoring the existence of beautiful places.

Read the full article here.

The note that accompanied the first gift...in the guestbook of the Scottish Poetry Library.

Dinosaur and book he was discovered in.

Mini feathered hat and gloves.

Street scene and man.

P.S. Thanks to Caitlin for sharing!

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