02 December 2011

A Little Lovely Project...

I got this lovely idea from a post by Skunkboy Creatures. You can find the original here.

I adapted mine a bit to incorporate some vintage lace and sparkly ribbon for a festive holiday touch.

All you need is...

Other potential tools necessary include: scissors, tape, super glue, and elastic

What now...
1. Cut lace strips to fit around the outside of the jar.

2. Attach lace strip around jar. Super glue is one of my best friends...it works for just about everything!
(I used tape because I want to be able to transform them in the future)

3. Attach glitter ribbon to the center of lace strip.
(I glued a small piece of elastic to my ribbon so it could be removed later...like a mason jar headband!)

4. Fill jar with feathers and a small battery powered tea light.

5. If you wish to hang them...
Cut a wire strip to fit around the top of the jar with a little bit of extra
Bend strip around circumference of jar and twist once in back to make it stay on
Cut another strip to hang it with
Bend strip in U shape and hook under the wire that is around the circumference
You can also bend smaller pieces to make little hooks

Place your pretty new candles around the house to make you all warm and fuzzy feeling! Yay!
Oh and by the way, HAPPY DECEMBER!

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