30 September 2013

Tender is the Night...

I am currently reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As with The Beautiful and Damned, it has taken me about 100 pages to really get hooked. Now on page 155, I can't wait to see what happens! Isn't it so gratifying when you stick with a book and it turns out to be very worth it? I tried to read Z, a novel written recently about Zelda Fitzgerald, but I guess I was expecting Scott and the modern language threw me too much. It's great to be back to the classics :)

I will leave you with this:

"The mother's face was of a fading prettiness that would soon be patted with broken veins; her expression was both tranquil and aware in a pleasant way. However, one's eye moved on quickly to her daughter, who had magic in her pink palms and her cheeks lit to a lovely flame, like the thrilling flush of children after their cold baths in the evening...Her eyes were bright, big, clear, wet, and shining, the color of her cheeks was real, breaking close to the surface from the strong young pump of her heart. Her body hovered delicately on the last edge of childhood- she was almost eighteen, nearly complete, but the dew was still on her."

Gotta love those lush adjectives from a true lush himself...

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