06 September 2013

Sunrise at the Beach...

I have been wanting to experiment with video for quite some time, but it always seemed too complicated and overwhelming. When I came across the app "8mm," my interest was renewed and the excitement overcame the fear. Hooray!
I loved the way the 60's filter looked during the pink sunrise, so I kept it up through the morning.

Check out my first-ever video attempt!
Note: Black's is a nude beach, but the video is very ladylike, nothing is revealed :)

This morning was fantastic. We* woke up around 5am, drove to Black's Beach, and hiked down the mountain to enjoy the sunrise. Facing west we don't get the full effect, but the way the clouds melted into cotton candy pink in the early daylight was delicious. We proceeded to do some yoga and meditation and we spotted a pod of dolphins swimming close to shore. It was quite a miraculous way to start off a day! Afterwards, we went to town in La Jolla to get breakfast and coffee. I am a very happy girl today.

*We= Caitlin, Veronica, and myself

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