25 March 2013

Book Club...

Last summer I started a book club with my co-workers. It was something we had been meaning to do for a while, but no one ever quite got it up and running. So, I decided to take over and really jump in. I invited all my co-workers, chose a book, told them when we would meet, and waited it out.

The day of the first meeting I had several people drop out at the last minute and the group ended up being only five, including myself. But from that night on, our small party of five has developed into a marvelous mix.

We have made it full circle, all choosing a book, and it is back to my turn to host. Our meetings have been so much fun that I never even thought to photograph/share them, but I am hoping to start now.

A little more about the magical book nights we've shared so far...

1. The Kreutzer Sonata, Leo Tolstoy
Russian themed dinner at my house with pierogi, Russian spring punch, plov, salad olivier, and pashka, pashka.
We had very intriguing discussions on the meaning of love.

2. American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang
Dinner at Kimmy's house. We enjoyed orange chicken, fried rice, blueberry pie, and more.
We pondered issues of identity, heritage, and family.

3. Bonjour Tristesse, Francoise Sagan
We met at a coffee shop for Veronica's choice and enjoyed a variety of treats.
Our discussions included adolescence, love, family, death, and irresponsible living.

4. The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath
Our little apartment dinner hosted by Charles included incredible crab stuffed avocados, fried tofu, peanut sauce, mushroom puffs, bacon wrapped dates, and pink champagne.
We talked about the tiny parts of life that influence our mental sanity and well-being.

5. The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Angela prepared a lovely, yet disturbing meal of BBQ ribs, beans, cole slaw, and more was served in pie tins, mason jars, and metal cans. Dessert was canned-peach cobbler that was surprisingly delicious!
We discussed the despair and hope that accompany the end of the world as we know it.

Up next is...
The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

See how it turns out (it's my turn to host again)...whenever we are all able to meet again!

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