25 June 2012

Breakfast, Unedited...

I am pleased to share that I finally had my breakfast at the beach! If you remember, I was inspired by Olivia over at Everyday Musings.

So, I somehow woke up before the sun at 4:30am, packed up a loaf of French bread, butter, honey from London, goat cheese, mozzarella, blueberries, & strawberries and headed West. 

 I met the lovely Veronica over at Sunset Cliffs. She brought coffee. Which made her even more lovely. 

It wasn't exactly a sunrise, since I do live on the West coast. 
It was more like the opposite of having the lights dimmed. Nevertheless, it was beautiful. 

The light at that hour is practically perfect in every way. 

I decided not to edit my photos since the colors and light were just so great.

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