13 February 2012

New Dress, New Goal...

*Dress- Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest, San Diego

I'm not sure if I've told you this before, but I'm a perfectionist. Yup, I said it...perfectionist. The funny thing about this silly trait of mine is that I can never seem to do anything well. But, instead of thinking that I lack ability/talent/creativity/whatnot, I am trying to restructure my thoughts into seeing my perfectionism as the block to even attempting something...and if I don't even try, how could I possibly succeed???

This brings us to my current issue. I recently shared with some co-workers that I have been wanting to do outfit posts on my blog. That was a rather large declaration for me because in order to accomplish this, I would have to have a better camera, someone to photograph me, and the time to perfect the look.

Of course, its the perfectionist who needs all of those things...Not me ;)
So, I have decided to screw it all and just go for it.

Thus behold my first outfit post. You can't see the whole outfit (cowboy boots and all), it is grainy, and it is imperfect. And guess what? I like it.

Suck on that perfectionism!

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