18 January 2012

"Goldfish Salvation"

(Photos from here)

Wow. That is all I could think after watching this video about artist Riusuke Fukahori. Fukahori is a Japanese artist who uses acrylic paint and resin poured into containers to create realistic looking fish in water. He paints and pours in layers...you can watch some of his diligently detailed process in the video below. It is really amazing and must take QUITE a bit of time!

Riusuke Fukahori recently closed an exhibit at the ICN.
Exhibition Introduction, Riusuke Fukahori - Goldfish Salvation

Awaya, Riusuke Fukahori - Goldfish Salvation


  1. Oh my gosh I totally thought those were all real!! I've just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it- and I love your header! I'm a new follower, I hope you'll stop by my blog some time and say hi!

  2. wow that it is amazing, it looks so real!

    1. I know! I would say it would be great for someone who wants a pet fish but doesn't want to care for it, but I imagine they would be QUITE expensive!!!