21 September 2011

Family Photos...

 My grandmother gave me a huge bag of old family photos when we went to visit her for her birthday.

I was overjoyed because 1. I love old photos 2. I love anything family heirloom related and 3. I am in the process of redoing my room and I can definitely use these beauties.

They are just super cool so I'm going to share some. Love you Grandpa Ronald Gottesman...

Grandpa Ron

Young Grandpa Ron

Momma and her grandpa
Grandpa and Mom
Grandpa's mom (Great Grandma)
...and dad (Great Grandpa).
Momma as a baby!!!
Grandpa Ron&big brother Max
Upton Sinclair (My Grandpa wrote his dissertation on him and wrote the intro for The Jungle)
Grandpa Ron, Mom, Grandpa Val, and Uncle Grant
Grant looks JUST like Ben
No idea who they are, but it reminded me of Harry Potter :D

Camping Trip

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